From the Immigrant Defense Project blog:

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If You or a Loved One Are at Risk of Deportation, Have a Plan!

  • To find out if you are at risk of deportation, call the Immigrant Defense Project’s free legal helpline at 212-725-6422 or email info[at]
  • Action Plan for those at risk of deportation (2-page flyer, created by Make the Road NY, available in English and Spanish)
  • Picking someone to care for your children: If you live in New York, we recommend using this form (available in English and Spanish) which allows you to designate an adult to care for and make decisions for your children. The agreement does not require you to go to court and can be revoked at any time. If you live outside of New York, you can use this general power of attorney form (available in English and Spanish).
  • HIPPA form, reference in Action Plan (available in English and Spanish)
  • Plan for financial needs:  Families for Freedom “Financial Handbook for Families Facing Detention + Deportation” April 2008
  • Statement of Consent, Issuance of a U.S. Passport to a Minor under 16 years old
  • Pro se materials on additional considerations for non-US citizen parents (many of these forms are Arizona-specific)
  • Tips on how to avoid Immigration Fraud
IDP has been monitoring and gathering stories on ICE arrests at homes, courthouses, and shelters since April 2013. Our materials educate community members and advocates about how to protect their rights during an ICE arrest.  For more information or to set up a training on your rights or how to prepare in case you encounter ICE, contact IDP by using this form or emailing kyr[at]