From the Great Barrington Trust Policy website:

The Great Barrington Trust Policy will help our town be safer, stronger, and stand with all our community members.

The Trust Policy is a citizen-initiated policy that will help ensure that all residents living and working in our community are fully protected and supported by our police and town government.

Great Barrington will vote to adopt the Trust Policy
on May 1, 2017 at town meeting. Will you be there?


“The town of Great Barrington is committed to providing quality services to the entire community through good planning and cost effective measures.”

Great Barrington Town Mission Statement

In keeping with the promise of the town mission, the proposed Trust Policy lays out a clear set of policies and procedures that will help to create a safer place for all residents and community members.

The policy stands for decriminalizing race, immigration status, poverty, inequity, mental health and other underrepresented barriers. Great Barrington has a long history of engagement, leadership and commitment to social and racial justice. Diversity and inclusion is central to the mission of our town.

It’s time to build on Great Barrington’s legacy —this is about our values as a community.

The Trust Policy proposes to:

  • Ensure Fairness: All residents of Great Barrington will be treated fairly, and not discriminated against because of their race, skin color, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, immigration status, religious or political opinion or activity, or homed or homeless status.

  • Protect Civil Liberties: The town and police will not use protected identities as the basis to survey, profile, check point, contact, detain, or arrest residents. This includes information about a person’s immigration status, politics, religion, social affiliations and professed beliefs.

  • Build Transparency: Under the Trust Policy, the town will establish and communicate its policy for how the police will work with ICE and report to the town on its activities.

As a Coalition, we have collaborated with the Town Manager, Great Barrington Police Department, and the town Selectboard to finalize a version of this policy that is acceptable to all parties involved regarding cultivating Great Barrington as a safe and inclusive community.

The Trust Policy was initially drafted and filed by Gwendolyn VanSant, CEO and founding director of Multicultural BRIDGE, with partners Berkshire Showing Up for Racial Justice, Berkshire Interfaith Organizing, and Lia Spiliotes, executive director at Community Health Programs (CHP).

Read the Full Document: GBTrustPolicyFull Document

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